Servicing Land, Water and Air RC Vehicles since 1973!

At Hank’s Hobby Hangar we understand the RC hobby can get down right frustrating for beginners and experts alike.  We also know that in today’s world people are busier than ever.  That’s why we offer the services you need to keep you in control!  From basic setup and configuration of you land, water or air vehicles, to complete repair services after that big crash (we all know it’s eventually going to happen…)


Contact us with any questions you may have about the services we offer:


1) Setup & configuration of RC vehicles purchased from Hank’s Hobby Hanger.

2) General setup & configuration of RC vehicles you may own.

3) RC vehicle assembly.

3) Crash repair.

3) Electronics troubleshooting and repair.

4) Soldering,

*All services cover land, water and air vehicles.